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The 22nd. Saying Goodbye.

December 22, 2011

Today we said our final goodbye to you. Didn’t think it would be this soon. The Word is true – we are not promised tomorrow.

I just got home and realized it is the 22nd. Oma’s day of birth. We talked about her today with your sisters. Reflected on how amazing you both were and will be always.

In a silent moment by myself, I thought, “Why do the best ones always go first?”

But I am SO glad that your life was full and fun and faith-filled. You lived it with such a ferocious need to squeeze out every drop of every day. You have inspired us to do the same.

We are inspired by you.

Thank you for that. Thank you for smiles and laughter and silliness. Thank you for an open heart that called everyone your own. Thank you for being such a good “kid” when we were the ones feeding you dinner, watching over you and tucking you into bed. We were blessed to be able to watch you grow and to be close enough for (almost daily) hugs, and giggles and kisses.

We are so blessed that God saw fit to bless our family with the gift of you.

Love always ~

Light & Waters

PS. There are a few who will know why I picked the image above… who ran those grass trails with us so many years ago. One of my favorite memories is of you running through the tall grass maze as we chased each other and imaginary friends. I can see the wind blowing your hair, you running and laughing with a smile as wide as can be. And all I can think of is pure joy.

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  1. Dorothy Pearce permalink
    December 22, 2011 10:34 PM

    Gary and I were privileged to sit at the table with Becky and her entire family at your wedding supper. She was quieter than the others but impressed me immensely with her ability to say much with few words and her very expressive eyes. She sat on my left and the others on my right so I spent quite a bit of time talking with her. I am so sorry for your immeasurable loss. You and Emmanuel and Becky’s family have been in my prayers since I heard the sad news.

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