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Know Thy Booby-Parts

November 27, 2011

Recently in the LightWaters circles the “to mammogram or to not mammogram” has made an interesting impact.

You may have seen recently in the news that yearly mammograms are not being recommended to healthy women between 40 – 50 (when mammograms historically have been implemented into a yearly health check) with no breast cancer history.

When I did my own further reading and research I found some interesting articles.  The main source for many publications and blogs was an article from JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) who published an article in 2010 titled “The Benefits and Harms of Mammography Screening.”  The full text is not available without a login.  However, the results are clearly spelled out in layman’s terms by

In the women who do NOT undergo yearly or every other year  mammogram for 10 years (5- 10 mammograms),  7 of the 2,ooo,  would die from breast cancer.

In the women who DO undergo a  mammogram yearly or every other year for 10 years (5-10 mammograms), 6 of the 2,000 women would die from the mammogram.

Huh.  So then, where did that leave us?
Well, we’ve got a mom who is now over 50 and holds to the side that mammograms are unhealthy.  (Here’s another link to an article with very good information to support this medical view)  She finds a lump under her armpit.  If they do a mammogram they might just pop this pocket open – spreading it further.  If they do a biopsy they still risk cutting open whatever it is and spreading it further. (I’ve been told that in the US if they go in to do a biopsy they actually just take the lump then and then do pathology reports. It saves a step for people who pay for their own medical care and I think it’s just plain ol’ smart to get out a lump and figure it out later)
You ought to also know that our mom is a very well versed alternative healer.  She alkalized her body and removed everything from her diet that was questionable.  She rooted through her already substantially healthy diet and began to eat only mostly organic vegetables, very little (& limited to organic and sprouted) grains and limited natural meats.  She prepared her body to help out her lymphatic system – where she knew the problem to be.
After some consideration of her own Mom decided to do the biopsy.  Then prepared for a surgery the next week.  The bump (one milk duct) and some lymph nodes were removed.  It seems no cancer had grown outside of these contained and removable pieces of lymph nodes.

Which brings us back around: One interesting part of the New York Times article is the observation that “A test can trigger unnecessary further tests, like biopsies, that can create extreme anxiety.”  The Mom also had a similar experience.
When she went in to see her “traditional” doctor he immediately starting throwing scary cancer facts at her and pushing chemo therapy even before the biopsy was scheduled.  Before they had even made an appointment to confirm there was anything cancerous at all!

I suppose there’s a reason why I’m writing this.  This is an opinion piece.  It’s not meant to be another blog laying out facts you can go find for yourself.  I just want to throw some options at you so you can make an INSPIRED CHOICE.

1) Choose a yearly or bi-yearly mammogram
2) Find a Thermal Imaging Practitioner
3) Make breast massage the highlight of your week!  The better you know the terrain the more likely you will know if something changes.  A little rub down will also stimulates lymph fluids which help cleanse breast tissue.

Don’t forget to do your own research on bras, aluminum and alum in deodorant/antiperspirants and learn about  effects of long-term combination hormone therapy.

Keep those boobs happy, ladies.


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  1. Ruth permalink
    November 27, 2011 7:54 PM

    Bravo my dear! so glad you felt free to write about this!

    and to remember – we are each responsible for our own health choices! Be pro-active!
    love yourself! let your family and support system be positive. If they aren’t decide what is more important to you… your health (which is the basis for your on-going love for them) or walk away for a while to heal and grow into a strong ‘testimony’ of health and healing.

    Side NOTE: Doctors are not god … they – I was told – must be treated like children… they just don’t know any better! remember – they have been trained to think the way they have … and according to their pay checks…. a harsh truth.
    oh yes – and did you know too that Doctors never really do take the “hippocratic oath” when they graduate? That’s mere Hollywood at work! …

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