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December 3, 2010

Christmas shopping isn’t something I do with great fervor.
However, good things have happened to me along the way.
For example, I’ve had the great fortune to be introduced to the artisan side of the “One Of A Kind Show” and have been getting free admission for some years with a vendor pass from a friend. Wandering around the show with this pass (hung about the neck!) usually is a gateway to sympathizing with the long days, dull food and dry air the artists deal with at the show.  But it also usually opens up conversations that you normally don’t have with the creators who are sitting inside for 10 days straight (not to mention, some wheeling and dealing).  That’s a fun part of going for me.  Really meeting these people.
Also, the kind of digging I like to do for Christmas shopping means I’ll go into stores I wouldn’t go into for myself and a discovery of some great stuff.  Like this Toronto design company, imm Living.
So, my discovery of the day, courteous of imm Living:
Little Helper Juicer!!!
Good thing my birthday is in February…

(Photo Via imm Living)

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