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Things My Grandmother Taught Me | Making Ends Meet

July 22, 2010

Our grandmother was extremely adept at making ends meet – literally. She was an expert crocheter, knitter, darner, and seamstress (like so many others of her generation were)! She believed that making things last with a little patch here, a quick darn there was important. I’m sure she would have lively comments on the throw away age we live in!

She taught all of us – including the boys (though I’m not sure they remember) – to knit and crochet. Crocheting stuck with me and I have even managed to teach a couple of friends the skill. However, the last thing I crocheted was a baby blanket for a little boy who’s now 4! Eek. It’s been a long time.

I was inspired the other day, while rummaging through Home Sense for a summer weight throw for our king size bed, to make my own. I think I’m up for the challenge. I haven’t read a crochet pattern in years, and truthfully, my mom & oma often worked from memory so I never really learned how to read a pattern!

The one you see above is what I’m going to attempt. In a  lovely warm toast colour. On a KING SIZE scale. I’ll keep you updated on the progress. Hopefully, it will be done before Christmas! I crochet pretty fast, it’s the time I have to spare that’s the issue! But the satisfaction of something that I create myself will far outweigh the time invested!

~ Light

PS. The pattern is available here.

PPS. Others I liked. Fan, Check-mate, & Beauty

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