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Rest Required.

July 19, 2010

July 17, 18 & 19 have definitely proven something I was in the process of learning for the last month:

I need rest for my soul. Not simply rest for my body.

I totally unraveled today – after a weekend filled with friends and lots of fun which was supposed to be a “down time” after 2 months of planning Friday’s big LIFE Revolution event – I crashed. Literally. Not just sleepy but somewhere between Sunday morning and today at 1pm, the yarns holding me together came undone somewhere, and I spilled out onto the floor in a big emotional mess. Thank God for lessons before hand so I could make sense of it all.

Why am I sharing all this, you ask?

Because an inspired heart, mind, soul, is one that is rested. One that is still.

And the only way I can stop this merry-go-round from spinning out of control is to take a minute to restore my soul. Like I mentioned I recently learned/realized that I can sleep all I want, but if my internal being is not at peace, if I’m not resting in the promise that God never changes, if I’m not being still and knowing that He is God & I’m not – I’m probably totally out of balance somewhere. Worried. Wondering. Wishing. Instead of resting.

Oddly enough, something about this unraveling was inspiring because I feel like I finally got to the bottom of something. And I know that when the yarns are woven back together, I will be better for it.

Inspired to make the change and be still.

~ Light

PS. A big thanks to my amazing Mr. who talked me through the puddle of emotions today and topped it off with the best hug in a while! YES! I love you!

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