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Holding onto Hope

June 28, 2010

Over the past two weeks I have been often reminded to hold onto hope. To make the choice not to be discouraged as I follow my dreams and set goals to get there.

The last season of my life has been challenging. There are many projects on my plate and at times I wonder how it’s all going to pan out. One of my friends (she’s my pastor too) has dubbed it a time of transition. Change and growth are never easy but they are necessary to get where you want to go. So we hold onto hope because coupled with faith – it will never disappoint.

I’m looking forward to starting out fresh. Mr. Light has been encouraging me to be radical. Each day another opportunity to believe differently than the day before. A new norm. Living outside of the box – in that we don’t do things just because they’re “normal”. Instead we make deliberate choices because they’re inspired by greatness.

Where do you need hope? Drop us a note – email us at ae.lightwaters at gmail dot com! I’d love to respond and encourage you – it’s something I love to do – cheer others on to reach the top of their mountain.

~ Light

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