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The 22nd | A Long Haul

June 22, 2010

On Thursday night J-Snap and I rode our motorcycles to Niagara Falls.  We checked into a bed and breakfast and got to work on cleaning ourselves up for dinner.  The occasion?  His grandparents 60th (say it with me now) – SIXTIETH wedding anniversary.  The Diamond Anniversary.  Why?  Because Diamonds are forever, my friends.

What better place to celebrate than the place where their wedding reception was held?  The Queenston Heights restaurant overlooking the Niagara River is a spectacle. A great one.  The building has changed over time, mostly that it has had many upgrades and additions.  For the most part, they tried to leave the original room the same.  There was much reminiscing and toasting of fine folks.  It was wonderful.
Joined by family and friends, the couple of honour as in love as ever, we had a great time at dinner.  Sixty years are a commitment to be inspired by.

For your enjoyment, my “mumsy” (J-Snap’s Ma) living it up in the fountain.  Inspired to live a little?  Yes.

Enjoy your family.  They’ll stick around.  Talk things out with your spouse or other.  Going the distance is possible.

~ Waters

p.s. In lieu of a post about our maternal or paternal grandmother on this 22nd I thought I would post about J-Snap’s maternal grandparents.

Photos by J-Snap Waters

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