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Happy Day of the Father

June 20, 2010

My good friend (and heterosexual life mate) Heather made up a Facebook fill-in-your-answers-note to celebrate Father’s Day.  It seemed above and beyond appropriate and worthy to transfer to the blog.  So, here it goes…

Ten Reasons Why I Love My Dad (from the top of my head, in no particular order…)

1 ) He knows how to fix everything and can teach you how. Yes, I mean you. Someone who can’t learn anything handy can learn it from this man. (I’ve welded body panels, run my own brake lines, can change a tire, probably could muster some light plumbing, could “fall” a tree if I really had to, can think of at least 6 mechanical reasons why my vehicle isn’t running and understand the concept of under coating. Just to name a few. Did I mention that I’m a woman?)

2 ) He makes a damn great deer/moose roast. He can do it even when he’s not home. I mean, he can use a slow cooker. But he does it better than anyone I’ve ever met.

3 ) Breakfast. Coffee. Making breakfast and coffee and then waking you up. It’s like a dream come true and you have to be at his house for this dream to come true. We used to eat breakfast together when I lived with him in my early 20’s. He’d make me eat at least some toast and I didn’t starve to death all morning in those days.

4 ) I used to ride on a motorcycle with him as a kid and now I get to ride my motorcycle around with him as an adult. My dad is a biker, who has an awesome beard, and is awesome.

5 ) My dad has this weird habit where he can’t sit down when a movie is playing that he didn’t see the start of. For example, if my nephews are watching Cars at his house while he’s out in the garage fixing something when it starts playing and then he has to come into the house to do something he will stand in the living room until the end of the movie but he will not sit down. I don’t know why he can’t admit that he really wants to watch the movie and just sit down but he won’t. He will not. Not if he stands for 75 minutes. I have never seen him do it unless he is sitting at the beginning of the movie with the rest of us.

6 ) We used to spoon and watch M*A*S*H* I just remembered that. I remember really liking doing that.

7 ) He will not admit that he cheated at Cribbage until I figured out that he was cheating when I was about 11 or 12. Now I can hand his bottom to him in Cribbage. We play a lot of Cribbage where I’m from. It’s fun to play Cribbage with my dad. He’s a great sport.

8 ) My dad would let me shoot the .22 at the farm when I was like, 8. Amazing. I know. My childhood was rich with danger because of my father. Rich and wonderful.

9 ) Road trips. Many of them. Many of them hold the best memories of my life. My dad drove us to adventure. Like barbecues in the snow in Alberta and across Canada and to California and back once (with my husband, non-stop, 7 days, there and back).

10 ) I learned how to skin an animal in Saskatchewan. Yup. We shot a gofer and my dad showed me how to take the pelt off and salt it properly. I don’t remember how to do that anymore, honestly, but the pelt was in our garage for an eternity after that and I can remember playing something awesome like “Flying Squirrel” with it. Yes.
I did mentioned danger and awesome earlier, didn’t I?

I hope you have some-kind-of-wonderful Father whomever he his.


p.s.  Coming soon… a post about why I didn’t post on Friday!

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