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Food Matters®.

June 16, 2010

Food Matters®.

Our family has always been all about eating real food. By real food, I mean grown without pesticides (how does spending an afternoon picking potato bugs off of plants sound to you?! I’ve done it more than once), in a garden you tended yourself or bought from people who tend their own gardens and raise their own livestock. (This is not to say that there was a time when a Happy Meal on a Sunday afternoon wasn’t a “treat” – but that’s all it was, a random “treat” not a regular meal.) Our grandparents owned farms, raised livestock, grew multitudes of food in gardens and our parents still grow many of their own vegetables (albeit in much smaller gardens than the ones I remember wandering through as an 8 year old).

Last week our mom sent me a link to an article on this site. Yes, the site is primarily to promote the Food Matters documentary, but it also is FULL of great info on eating and living healthy. I encourage you to check it out. There are some great recipes and articles in the News section too! And if anyone has watched the DVD, let us know your thoughts.

How about you? What is healthy eating to you? And are you actually doing something about it?

~ Light

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