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Dance The Blues (away, that is)

June 11, 2010

Every time I have occasion to drive on Dufferin Street (in Toronto) during the week I am inspired.

I can already hear you asking “but what – or who?”

Well, my friends, by the dancing cross guard.  A lady who looks to be about 40.  She packs a ghetto blaster in silver, pumps the jams up and dances into the zone when the kids appear.
I’ve heard MJ from the box and other great tunes as well.  She bops into the zone with her red stop sign up and then moonwalks back.  She’s a sight to behold and she guards the pedestrian crossing at Dufferin Street just north of Bank Street (just south of Dundas St. W).

I have never seen her not dance.  I’m sure she’s packed her music player on good days and I’m sure she’s packed it on bad days.  And I bet that she has never once let a bad day stop her from dancing into the cross walk.   I just get the feeling that she puts on her best face and dances the bad days away.

Mark Twain said to “Dance like no one’s watching” but I would challenge you to be inspired to dance regardless of what’s going on, who’s watching or if someone’s going to find out.

Have a great weekend.


p.s. As an extra “leg up” to Toronto crossing guards, here’s a video news clip about Toronto’s longest-serving Crossing Guard, Mona Piper (37 YEARS, that’s commitment to excellence)

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