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Deerhurst for our First (aka Basketball Follies)

June 7, 2010

For our first anniversary in May we headed up north to Muskoka. We decided on Deerhurst Resort in the Huntsville area. We made the most of it by driving up really early on the Saturday morning, checked in early (YAY! Our one bedroom condo was ready for us when we got there at 10am!) and got settled. I made breakfast in our lovely little kitchen and we spent the day relaxing.

We headed back to the main lodge via the complimentary shuttle to check out the facilities and met a guy about our age who has worked there for 3 summers. We found out the pool was temporarily closed so we headed back to our condo to chill. Later on we got fancied up to have a nice dinner at the main lodge. (See photo above.) Swimming was out for the day so we decided to head into the gym to shoot a few hoops… Mr. Light was surprised at my abilities to say the least. He started video taping me doing lay-ups and then insisted that I dunk the ball for “my audience”.

Here’s where the weekend’s most memorable story appears: I do dunk #1 (after which I note to the camera about letting the “audience” see exactly how high the adjustable basket is!) and make a face in the camera. He “grrrrs” when I do this. I dunk the 2nd time – make the face again & he “grrrrs” but then insists that I dunk a 3rd time AND make the noise for the camera… On the 3rd dunk, I go up to sink the ball but realize that I’m not going to land just right and don’t want to hurt my ankle, so I HANG ON to the rim.

And then I go down. HARD. With a shriek. The entire basketball hoop follows me down. Mr. Light grabs it just in time so it doesn’t land on my head. And the five little kids and the other couple in the gym scatter.

That’s right – for all of you at home with an adjustable driveway hoop with the (ahem) “tip and wheel design” who haven’t weighted it down with sand so you can easily move it – you know exactly what happened. I’m sure you can picture it in your mind’s eye.

The BEST part though? The WHOLE time Mr. Light has the video rolling. After determining that nothing was broken and that I was reasonably ok – he started laughing so hard that he was crying. Which got me laughing. And now that video is making me laugh still. (If you know us, maybe you can get him to show you the video!)

I suffered a few serious bruises and a sore hip for a few days but that rounded off a great day with a bang. The next morning we were up early to go for a swim before I made a huge brunch (the photos of that bounty are on my phone – which sadly I cannot get pics of off yet!) and then we got packed up, headed over to the lake for a walk by the water, chased butterflies, took goofy pics, & enjoyed the sunshine. Then we headed back to the lodge for an hour of tennis before leaving.

It was lovely. The staff were friendly & helpful. My husband was by my side the entire weekend and best of all it was time invested that I will always remember.

~ Light

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