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A Weekend Off Together

June 4, 2010

J-Snap & I haven’t been running into a lot of time off together lately.
This week we have two whole days off together.

Feel free to “copy cat” any of our activities, we are going to have a blast!  Any suggestions for Saturday are also welcome.

The “Friday” of our weekend (actually Thursday, we both work on Sunday) started with dinner out at Korean Grill House; Make sure if you get the All-You-Can-Eat dinner you add the endless veggies for three bucks a person.  Totally worth it.  It was the first time I left Korean Grill House feeling like I haven’t just eaten meat for the last hour.  Which is probably because normally I just eat meat for an hour.

Our Saturday (read Friday) is today and we’ve got a ton of stuff going on.  We’re going to ride our motorcycles out of the city in a direction chosen by the wind and the traffic we want to avoid.  The goal is to tear up as much pavement in about five or six hours as possible.  Then we’ll come back downtown and settle in for some studio time.  I’ve got a project coming up and J-Snap will probably work on an awesome model  he’s putting together out of random bits and imagination.

Our Sunday (AKA Saturday) holds promise and not much more.  So far we’re talking about getting some seats to the Toronto Blue Jay’s verses the New York Yankees, sodium overload and peanuts.  Even if we just got over to the Toronto Islands we’ll be laughing all the way.

What do you and your company of choice fill your days together with?  Saturday suggestions please!


(Photo by LightWaters, a crazy nephew at my wedding in 2007)

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