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Takin’ It Easy

May 14, 2010

I would really like to send you all over to one of my favourite websites: Hark, A Vagrant.
I love Kate Beaton’s “Hark, A Vagrant” comics.  They are a little bit silly, a little bit imagination and sometimes not what you’d even expect a nice history major to write.  I find them enjoyable because it’s lovely to see someone taking liberties with history and doing it in a way that makes you want to post links all over Facebook.

On another note, J-Snap is seeming to be a little bit better (yea, he’s been real sick).  He inspired me this week because he ploughed through despite the fact that he probably has walking pneumonia.  It’s been tiring, maddening at times but we can almost rest easy.

And because it’s been such a long week, I’m making this a short, late post.  I’m takin’ it easy.
Please give yourself permission to do the same at least once over the weekend.


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