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Places that Inspire | Thorncrown

May 12, 2010

I don’t remember how or when I came across Thorncrown Chapel. To me it is one of the most lovely places I have ever seen… It’s the stuff of my dreams: glass walls, deep forest, a place of worship. Just looking at pictures makes me want to spend all my quiet afternoons there sitting in a sunbeam, singing melodies from my heart.

The best part for me though, is that Thorncrown was one man’s dream that became his gift to all.

“In 1971 Jim Reed purchased the land which is now the site of the chapel to build his retirement home. However, other people admired his location and would often stop at his property to gain a better view of the beautiful Ozark hills. Instead of fencing them out, Jim decided to invite them in. One day while walking up the hill to his house, the idea came to him that he and his wife should build a glass chapel in the woods to give wayfarers a place to relax in an inspiring way.”

Take time to browse their site. See what an amazing history this place has and wander through their photo gallery. You’ll be moved by what you see. There’s something about a place that is given to others as a gift that can’t be explained. Something inspiring.

~ Light

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