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Squeezing the Sunshine

April 23, 2010

I’m trying to be more pro-active on my days off.  This has been helped partly mostly by the loud construction being done on the apartment building I live in.  The workers who are fixing the balconies start making noise very promptly on the dirty, stinkin’ eight a.m. button.  Just as I’m poised to fall into sweet, sleep-in dreams of sunny delight after J-Snap goes off to work – the jack hammering that sounds to be on the roof  above our apartment begins.   This is when I begin plotting where I will escape to during my day off.

So, yesterday morning I got up and went through emails, ate breakfast and got in touch with friends who work in the afternoon.  On the mental list, To-Do Outside 2010, I had “High Park for Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Season”.  Plus, I’d never made the time to bike across town to High Park before.

And what a delight!  It turns out that High Park is three hundred ninety-nine beautiful acres of land that I don’t get to very often as it’s about a nine and a half kilometers from our apartment or a forty-five minute bicycle ride.  Sure, it is less than half the size of New York City’s grand Central Park – but to our credit we have spread our trees out a lot more across our fair city.

Thursday’s visit to High Park made me feel like I could go on longer living in Toronto.  Living downtown is something that I’m now up to my eyeballs with – especially because my escape pod is berated with extra loud noises from eight until five on weekdays when I have my days off.

Conclusion?  Go to High Park to see these trees in bloom this weekend if it’s not too late.
As an aside, don’t drive there.  It’s been a hotly debated topic this week and it’s super easy to get to High Park on transit or by bike.


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