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Inspired Living | Use Your Outdoor Space

April 16, 2010

My post is late.  I know this.  I am on my balcony after a day of crunching the numbers for GST.  I refuse to go inside, even with the April breeze and lack of sunshine directly on my patio table.

My plants are sprouting inside and my bicycle basket is ready for days full of ferrets and biking.  I’ve re-arranged my patio.  I threw out an old head-board we were using as a shelf and “craigslisted” a kitchen cart for our barbecue in its stead.

Things are getting organized and I can’t deny my excitement.  J-Snap and I have already booked a campsite in Perry Sound for August camping.  We are excited and every moment planning can’t bring it fast enough.

I am going to use every moment I have this year to soak up the summer.  What are you doing in preparation for summer?   What summer holiday plans do you have?  How are utilizing the outdoors this year?

You tell me in the comments section and I’ll keep you posted on the Perry Sound camping trip.


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