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Waters Project Update: Ferret Basket, Eating The Easter Bread

March 26, 2010

The great thing about a blog is that it really keeps your goals and projects on track.  I’m sure that’s why so many people blog while they make the journey to a goal weight.  There’s something about posting your life onto the Internet that makes you accountable for doing the things you type.

Ferret Basket
For your delight: Ferrets in a bicycle basket…

Me?  It makes me finish projects (Coming Soon: The quilt that I started when I was 12 is almost finished!)   Not only did I go buy a basket but I also finished sewing the lining suitable for ferrets and harness hooks.  Added Bonus- I actually boxed the sewing machine up and vowed to return it to my mother, who is no doubt wondering how I managed to gain full custody of the thing scores and scores of fortnights ago.

Eating The Easter Bread
I’m lucky to have loads of Eastern Europeans at Jimmy’s Coffee, the cafe I manage.  I took some of the babka to give away and test out on them.  Both of the women I gave it to said it reminded them of their grandmothers and were impressed to know that I spend time at home baking.  (Trust me, I’m impressed that I have time to bake at home as well.)  It was nice to receive the compliments and equally delightful to see that they truly enjoyed eating it.  A food can easily take you back to a time and a place.

As an aside, the second slice I had I ate toasted with butter at 5:30am on my way out the door.  I chewed with tears in my eyes.  It’s hard to eat something that familiar and not be transported back.

So, I hereby dedicate this post to Blog Readers.  Thank you blog readers for being the inspiration for keeping my projects on track.


(Photos were snapped by Mr. J-Snap Waters

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