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Bicycle Basket Days

March 19, 2010

Bicycle basket days are upon us.  This morning I rode my bike over to pick up our ferrets (Ferret Bueller and Sloane Peterson) from a ferret play date across town.  I rode most of the nine kilometers home (via a detour by Old City Hall to chat with Mr. Waters after he finished a tour for Tour Guys) with my backpack in front of me, ferret heads a bobbin’ while harnessed in for the ride.  What a lark!  It wasn’t the best planned trip, however.  So I’m going to mend that this afternoon.  Riding with a backpack in front of me hitting my knees isn’t the safest.  It isn’t the most comfortable for the carpet sharks either.

Thereby, I am making a pet carrying basket with special help (see also: stolen idea) from the lovely Vieve, who makes many lovely things for her two handsome ferrets.  We can ferret bike together!
I’m taking my cue from the ideas I’ve found (see equation above).  Mr. Dub and I are going to pick out a basket this afternoon.  I would like the basket to be particularly awesome for all things, not just for carting the ferrets about while the weather is nice.

The plan is then to line the basket (padded nicely on the bottom) and to create some kind of tethering system so that the ferrets can wear their harnesses but still bob their head above the basket.  You know, dog’s head-out-the-window style.  Sloane is particularly fond of this.  I guess no matter what creature you are it’s nice to feel the wind in your hair.

I’ll let you know when the project is complete.


p.s.  If anyone knows where I can find some tiny ferret helmets I would squeal with sheer delight.

(Photo “1”  via, Photo “2” via,
Photo “3” Ferret Bueller)

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