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The Challenge of Inspiration

March 16, 2010

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Today a good friend of mine will walk one of his best friends down the aisle as a pallbearer.

I knew his friend. They saw each other through some pretty rough times, lost contact and then rebuilt their friendship. I was truly heartbroken when he told me the news.

It has been so heavy on my heart and my mind has been spinning. (And now you’re thinking “Not so many happy times over there at Light Waters..”) Yes, it’s been one of those weeks. But surprisingly, most of my thoughts were set on “How do I inspire my friend even in deep grief?” Little notes? Jokes? (He’s a guy who appreciates a sharp sense of humor at the oddest of times.) I offered to drop by with dessert – that brought a smile to his face!

This week has proven that even the gloomiest days call for inspiration. For hope. For building mental monuments to memories that will inspire us to live better futures.

I’m remembering that we need the rain to help things grow. To help us grow. And I’m finding that it’s these times when we have to search the depths of the well to bring that inspiration to the surface. Definitely a character building challenge.


Our prayers are with you WGH. Privileged to call you ‘friend’.

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  1. It's me permalink
    March 30, 2010 12:24 AM

    We too lost a good friend back on Feb. 14th. thought it was most timely for Valentines Day that she departed from this Life to the next realm and beyond!

    We feel depleted – but not deflated… Was she ready to leave us? maybe, but we weren’t ready to let her go – not just yet…

    Her Light will continue to ‘live in our memories’… Her heart full of Life , Compassion and ZEST for every dream – even the ones she didn’t get to live out – on this plane … So now we, her friends are telling the ‘tales’ of how dearly she lived in our hearts – as she continues to inspire us from the ‘other side’…

    Miss you much Patti girl…!!! we feel your pulse around us yet!

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