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Moments Trapped In Time

February 26, 2010

Bits and Bites

I love ticket stubs.

I have a hard time getting rid of nubs and scraps that remind me how I’ve spent my time or the people I’ve enjoyed doing it with.  The same goes for covers of programs or newspaper and magazine cutouts.

To solve my dilemma I have started gluing those bits into a Moleskine cahier.  It allows me to shelf things that normally take up bulky drawers (I have several drawers worth that I am working on gluing into my cahiers).This solution is also a more practical way for me to hang onto these things.  It makes it realistic for me to go back and pour over them while I sit in a chair instead of cracking open a box and sitting on the floor surrounded by heaps of what-would-be recycling.

My solution isn’t the only one.  If you are specifically a ticket stub junkie there are lots of great ways to collage or archieve these items.  You can buy these great ready made books from an online retailer and get the ball rolling that much faster.

It’s okay to keep things – but it’s good to be select.  We can’t drown ourselves in clutter.  (It would be easy, wouldn’t it?)  My mother-in-law is a select card keeper.  She has three shoe boxes full.  She recognizes that cards make her feel good and particular ones are worth keeping when you need picking up.

You might also have something that makes you happy to have a quiet moment.   Make yourself some kind of package: A shadow box, a scrap book, a freely kept journal with bits glued in.  Moments that can be captured by a stub or a scrap can be worthwhile inspiration for later and hold bits of happiness.
~ Waters

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