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Things My Grandmother Taught Me | “Never Say…”

February 22, 2010

Ask any one of our cousins and they’ll all be able to tell you what we learned never to say around Oma.

“Never say, ‘I’m bored’ children!”

Why? Because she would make you do the dishes! Ha! (And we’re not talking about loading the dishwasher!) We learned quickly not to let her hear us say it.

Mimi’s early years were lived in the Great Depression. Her family taught their children to overcome hard times by working hard. An idle moment meant an opportunity was slipping by. This didn’t mean that there was no time for relaxation or “down time.” Time invested in playing games with each other was not considered idle since it built relationship. Time napping meant refueling for later. Time reflecting or meditating meant strengthened character.

She taught us to find our own source of inspiration when we had nothing to do. Instead of complaining we learned how to take an empty moment and fill it with meaning. (Or at very least some hard work!)

~ Light

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