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Find Your Inspiration

February 20, 2010

Need to find a passion? A purpose? Looking for inspiration?

What inspires you? An empty page? A brightly coloured piece of silk? A blank screen? The dew resting on the grass first thing on an early summer morning? People? Parties? Planning?

I get excited about projects. Sewing projects, interior design projects, cooking projects, planning projects… The thought of creating something from nothing. The idea that an image in my head can become real so others can touch and feel it too. What could be better than making the stuff of imagination come true?

If you run a company or run after 3 year olds we want to put a smile on your face and a spark in your heart every time you come by to visit Light Waters. We want to help you find hope on grey days, remember what your dreams are on foggy days, and in essence, live to be who you were created to be. Whatever you’re passionate about, this blog aims to share our journey to find inspiration, to help you find your inspiration!

We are super excited to share this quest with you! As we explore and search for fresh new ideas we are actually working on our own dreams. We invite you to come and find inspiration with us.

Welcome to Light Waters!

Illuminating the Well of Inspiration

Check out “Who is Light Waters?” to find out more about “us” – two fabulous sisters who love to spur each other on in creativity!

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