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May 27, 2013


Life has taken an unexpected turn. Joy side by side with sadness. Frivolous things pushed aside for what matters.

Now I’m grateful for every moment. Determined to live life with no regrets. Dream the big dreams. Love with heart wide open.

I miss you for always but I’ll love you forever daughter.


~ Light


Gone so long…

May 24, 2013

We’ve both been busy living life. Anticipating life. Mourning life. Celebrating life. Trying to squeeze the life out of each day.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve both had a major perspective shift since our last post in Decemeber 2011. So much living has happened since then. Life seems much more precious. Our health such a gift. The sunshine on our faces each morning as we face a new day so glorious.

We may not be back full time… but then again we may. It will need to be a discussion again about how we share our inspiration. In light of the past year – this sister duo has tended toward face to face meetings for sharing our little moments of inspiration. Somehow the tangible has kept us grounded. The virtual seeming to become more and more of a distraction.

All that to say… If you’re reading this, stop.

Call a friend (don’t text them). Take a walk. Hug your family.

Today is the only day we have.


~ Light & Waters

The 22nd. Saying Goodbye.

December 22, 2011

Today we said our final goodbye to you. Didn’t think it would be this soon. The Word is true – we are not promised tomorrow.

I just got home and realized it is the 22nd. Oma’s day of birth. We talked about her today with your sisters. Reflected on how amazing you both were and will be always.

In a silent moment by myself, I thought, “Why do the best ones always go first?”

But I am SO glad that your life was full and fun and faith-filled. You lived it with such a ferocious need to squeeze out every drop of every day. You have inspired us to do the same.

We are inspired by you.

Thank you for that. Thank you for smiles and laughter and silliness. Thank you for an open heart that called everyone your own. Thank you for being such a good “kid” when we were the ones feeding you dinner, watching over you and tucking you into bed. We were blessed to be able to watch you grow and to be close enough for (almost daily) hugs, and giggles and kisses.

We are so blessed that God saw fit to bless our family with the gift of you.

Love always ~

Light & Waters

PS. There are a few who will know why I picked the image above… who ran those grass trails with us so many years ago. One of my favorite memories is of you running through the tall grass maze as we chased each other and imaginary friends. I can see the wind blowing your hair, you running and laughing with a smile as wide as can be. And all I can think of is pure joy.

Know Thy Booby-Parts

November 27, 2011

Recently in the LightWaters circles the “to mammogram or to not mammogram” has made an interesting impact.

You may have seen recently in the news that yearly mammograms are not being recommended to healthy women between 40 – 50 (when mammograms historically have been implemented into a yearly health check) with no breast cancer history.

When I did my own further reading and research I found some interesting articles.  The main source for many publications and blogs was an article from JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) who published an article in 2010 titled “The Benefits and Harms of Mammography Screening.”  The full text is not available without a login.  However, the results are clearly spelled out in layman’s terms by

In the women who do NOT undergo yearly or every other year  mammogram for 10 years (5- 10 mammograms),  7 of the 2,ooo,  would die from breast cancer.

In the women who DO undergo a  mammogram yearly or every other year for 10 years (5-10 mammograms), 6 of the 2,000 women would die from the mammogram.

Huh.  So then, where did that leave us?
Well, we’ve got a mom who is now over 50 and holds to the side that mammograms are unhealthy.  (Here’s another link to an article with very good information to support this medical view)  She finds a lump under her armpit.  If they do a mammogram they might just pop this pocket open – spreading it further.  If they do a biopsy they still risk cutting open whatever it is and spreading it further. (I’ve been told that in the US if they go in to do a biopsy they actually just take the lump then and then do pathology reports. It saves a step for people who pay for their own medical care and I think it’s just plain ol’ smart to get out a lump and figure it out later)
You ought to also know that our mom is a very well versed alternative healer.  She alkalized her body and removed everything from her diet that was questionable.  She rooted through her already substantially healthy diet and began to eat only mostly organic vegetables, very little (& limited to organic and sprouted) grains and limited natural meats.  She prepared her body to help out her lymphatic system – where she knew the problem to be.
After some consideration of her own Mom decided to do the biopsy.  Then prepared for a surgery the next week.  The bump (one milk duct) and some lymph nodes were removed.  It seems no cancer had grown outside of these contained and removable pieces of lymph nodes.

Which brings us back around: One interesting part of the New York Times article is the observation that “A test can trigger unnecessary further tests, like biopsies, that can create extreme anxiety.”  The Mom also had a similar experience.
When she went in to see her “traditional” doctor he immediately starting throwing scary cancer facts at her and pushing chemo therapy even before the biopsy was scheduled.  Before they had even made an appointment to confirm there was anything cancerous at all!

I suppose there’s a reason why I’m writing this.  This is an opinion piece.  It’s not meant to be another blog laying out facts you can go find for yourself.  I just want to throw some options at you so you can make an INSPIRED CHOICE.

1) Choose a yearly or bi-yearly mammogram
2) Find a Thermal Imaging Practitioner
3) Make breast massage the highlight of your week!  The better you know the terrain the more likely you will know if something changes.  A little rub down will also stimulates lymph fluids which help cleanse breast tissue.

Don’t forget to do your own research on bras, aluminum and alum in deodorant/antiperspirants and learn about  effects of long-term combination hormone therapy.

Keep those boobs happy, ladies.


Great Lakes Girl

May 10, 2011

I was looking through some design bookmarks today for work and went to visit ORK Posters! yet again. Jennifer creates amazing posters of city neighborhoods, including this Great Lakes poster.

Looking at this print today reminded me that I am indeed a “Great Lakes Girl”. I realized that Light Waters has lived most of our lives on the Great Lakes. We grew up between Lake Superior and Lake Huron on the channel. We lived our older childhood on the southern tip of Lake Michigan and our college years and current lives are now lived on Lake Ontario. With the exception of a 4 year hiatus to the Rockies we have lives built around this massive fresh water phenomenon.

So I’m sure you’re not surprised to find out that I LOVE living near water. There’s something about standing on the shore and gazing across this vast expanse of water – rain or shine. There’s nothing more inspiring to me than a day spent by the water. The constant equation of water and horizon somehow helps me to put everything in my life into perspective.

Did you know that:

  • The Great Lakes are one-fifth of the world’s fresh surface water (only the polar ice caps and Lake Baikal in Siberia contain more).
  • The Great Lakes shoreline is equal to almost 44 percent of the circumference of the earth.
  • The Great Lakes support 25% of Canada’s agricultural capacity.
  • Lake Superior lives up to its name — it’s larger than all the other four combined.
  • The number of Canadians and Americans who call the Great Lakes basin home is 45 million (15 million and 30 million respectively).

I could go on and on about the drive around Lake Huron into Northern Ontario,  Lake Superior’s shores near Thunderbay, Navy Pier on Lake Michigan, rollerblading along the edges of Lake Ontario, and camping along Lake Huron. But I think the best way to describe what I get from living life on these lakes is to tell you to get out there and experience these shores for yourself.

~ Light

Classic Smoky Eye | MAC

April 5, 2011

Many of you know that I rock a smoky eye more often than not. I love the drama of it. MAC does a great series of How To videos – Artists in Action. This is just one! Check out all their other videos here.

Some of you might be afraid to go there… but try this in light to medium shades of brown and I guarantee you’ll love it!

~ Light

Revived! One Sony Camera

April 1, 2011

I am just so excited that I had to share… After our camera died from Tropical Rain exposure on our honeymoon… almost  2 YEARS AGO… it has been just sitting around. The other day in the midst of major house clean, Mr. Light randomly decided to check it out again.

Now let me break it down here: the menus were all schizophrenic, it was stuck on the last setting we used it on no matter what buttons we pressed and then one day, the battery wouldn’t power it at all and it died.

So he pulls it out, charges the battery and VOILA! It’s a miracle! (Or at very least a small gift from God to us who have had no extra finances to buy a new one). And all this means to you, the readers of our fine blog??? It means you get to see photos I have actually taken accompany my posts.

So. Excited.


PS. Yes, I did take the photo above.